Organizing a party at the Villa Lucia is simple! Just pluciahone us at (613) 596-1346 and ask to about our options for groups. You can also e-mail us at You simply cannot go wrong booking your group with us for the following reasons:

Groups of Any Size

You may or may not know this but the Villa Lucia is a very big restaurant. We can handle groups of any size up to 300. Now just because your party is less than 300 don’t think you aren’t important! We give all of our groups special care and attention regardless of the size.

Best Parking in the City

When planning a party for a group, parking is a big consideration.

We can’t think of another restaurant in the entire city with a dedicating parking lot as big as ours! We have over 140 parking spots and best of all the parking is FREE! You never have to worry about parking blocks away because our large restaurant has a large parking lot to match. Best of all, if you think you have had one too many then you can call a cab/Uber or have a friend drive you home. Simply leave your car in our parking lot overnight free of charge without any fear of getting ticketed or towed. That’s our way of making sure you have a great time at our restaurant without worrying about your vehicle. You can simply pick up your car the next day.

Bringing Your Own Cake?

If you are celebrating a special event and you would like to bring in your own cake then we will be happy to take care of all of the details for you. We will store your cake in our large walk-in cooler and we will serve your cake and even co-ordinate with the band to announce your special event. That’s right, we will cut and serve your own cake for you. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other type of even there’s a good chance that in the 32 years we’ve been helping Ottawa celebrate those special milestones we’ve done it before and plenty of times.

Separate Cheques

At the Villa Lucia separate cheques are never a problem. We are experts in handling separate cheques. Also, we are equipped with three wireless terminals to settle cheques quickly right at your table if that’s what you prefer.

For larger parties we ask that you give us a call a day or two before your event when you know home many guests to expect. We understand that organizing larger parties can be a bit tricky for getting those numbers exactly right. Our restaurant is large enough that if your party grows then it is usually not a problem to accommodate the new number.

Special Menus

If you would like a special, customized menu then we can help you with that and we will even print your special menus for you. If you would prefer to order off of regular menu then that usually isn’t a problem either. Our group menu offers additional value so you might want to consider using that.

Special Requirements

Let us know about any special needs that you may have. We can provide gift or cake tables with proper skirting and even have under-table lighting for those special event tables.